Larry McCray: "Delta Hurricane"

"Blues guitarist and vocalist Larry McCray's second Pointblank CD gets off to a dreary start with the title track, a tune with neither interesting lyrics nor a good arrangement. But after that flop fades, the remaining 10 cuts are almost as powerful as the material on his critically acclaimed debut. McCray has the kind of tough, down-in-the-dirt voice you can neither fake nor acquire. His guitar work is equally authentic; there aren't any flashy phrases or flamboyant riffs, just pile-driving lines, barreling statements and energetic support for his vocals. There aren't many better contemporary blues albums being made by major labels; McCray is the real deal. " ~ www.allmusic.com

Seth Walker: "Leap Of Faith"
"Like Delbert McClinton, a friend and mentor who guests on a track here, (Seth) Walker has always seasoned his blues with generous portions of Memphis soul and roadhouse rock ‘n’ roll. For his sixth outing he traveled to Nashville to work with veteran producer and songwriter, Gary Nicholson, with the results both a bit of a departure and his finest outing to date.If you’re a fan of McClinton’s you’ll recognize the basic template here: greasy grooves, churchy organ, and punchy horns all expertly blended into a bubbling southern soul stew.

Things start off nicely with the driving rhythms of “Can’t Come With You,” fuelled by a slippery slide guitar riff and catchy chorus. “Rewind” borrows from British neo-soul man, James Hunter, right down to the groovy sax and staccato strings. Walker pulls it off with aplomb, delivering a finely nuanced vocal that combines equal parts swoon and swagger for an early highlight."
" ~ www.blogcritics.org