Magic Sam: "The Essential Magic Sam: The Cobra and Chief Recordings 1957 - 1961"

"No blues guitarist better represented the adventurous modern sound of Chicago's West side more proudly than Sam Maghett. He died tragically young (at age 32 of a heart attack), just as he was on the brink of climbing the ladder to legitimate stardom, but Magic Sam left behind a thick legacy of bone-cutting blues that remains eminently influential around his old stomping grounds to this day."

"Fuel 2000's Essential Magic Sam: The Cobra and Chief Recordings 1957-1961 is the latest, best-sounding repackaging of this material. If you already have this material elsewhere in your collection (and given the number of times it's come out in various incarnations, you very well may), you don't need to replace your previous disc, but if you're looking for the best-available collection of this seminal material, turn here."
~ www.allmusic.com

Deanna Bogart: "Real Time"
"Maryland's Deanna Bogart is an explosive live performer, mixing in several streams of American vernacular music into her sets, ranging from funky R&B romps to hushed, Norah Jones-like jazz-pop ballads, and she just happens to be a dynamite barrelhouse piano player who also plays a pretty mean tenor saxophone, as well. Her versatility is truly astounding, and while it might be safe to say that everything she does grows out of the blues, to label her a blues artist doesn't even begin to cover the half of it. On Real Time she offers up a typically varied program of New Orleans R&B, late-night blues, smoky jazz ballads, a touch of country, and some rousing boogie-woogie piano instrumentals, but what keeps it all stitched together is her strong, sultry singing." ~ www.allmusic.com