Roy Buchanan: "When A Guitar Plays The Blues"

"Roy Buchanan has long been considered one of the finest, yet criminally overlooked guitarists of the blues rock genre whose lyrical leads and use of harmonics would later influence such guitar greats as Jeff Beck, his one-time student Robbie Robertson, and ZZ Top's Billy Gibbons."

"Luckily, the blues label Alligator convinced Buchanan to begin recording again by the middle of the decade, issuing such solid and critically acclaimed releases as 1985's When a Guitar Plays the Blues, 1986's Dancing on the Edge, and 1987's Hot Wires."
~ www.allmusic.com

Marquise Knox: "Here I Am"
"Here I Am is the third album Knox has recorded since he reached the age of 16. While it is difficult to imagine how he does it, Knox is making music as fully vivid and expressive as any of the blues icons he so obviously worships. Nine original songs take elements here and there from the work of such greats as Albert King, to name one obvious influence, and three covers of Muddy Waters classics reveal one key influence to be something he doesn’t want to shake. But there is never any question that we are listening to someone who has his own view of the blues, who may not have lived through all the pain his songs describe, but who understands exactly how the music soothes it by stating so clearly the emotions under consideration."
~ Steve Pick / blues.about.com