John Campbelljohn: "Nerves Of Steel"

"Working with a trio that harnesses his exciting guitar work and powerful songwriting, Canadian blues rocker John Campbelljohn first arrived at the age of 14. Growing up in a household that often had jamborees and parties that celebrated music, Campbelljohn was enamored with the guitar from an early age. He was not into the Celtic Music that his community enjoyed, so he took up the guitar and studied artists like Son House and Muddy Waters. Sonny Landreth became a huge influence, and it led him to him putting together a combo that combined bassist Bruce Moore and drummer Steve Preeper. The three released How Does It Feel? in 1993, and critics in Canada and the U.S. alike caught onto his sound. His next record, Hook Slide + Sinker, saw Campbelljohn get his first European release, while the next album, Nerves of Steel, even got notice from Rolling Stone Magazine. "
~ www.allmusic.com

Deborah Coleman: "Livin' On Love"
"Blues guitarist and singer/songwriter Deborah Coleman -- like Ruth Brown and Gary U.S. Bonds, who also hail from the same part of coastal Virginia -- brings a certain old-school sense of dignity to all of her live shows. No matter where she is, no matter the size of the audience, she presents the blues with her varying backup bands in a thoroughly dignified, proud way."

"Her fifth album for Blind Pig, Livin' on Love, was released in 2001, and furthered her reputation as one of the top touring blues women on the scene."
~ www.allmusic.com