Paul Thorn: "A Long Way From Tupelo"

"Paul Thorn got started in show biz at the age of three when he got on-stage to perform with his father, a Pentecostal preacher. Since then he's been a furniture maker and boxer, which may explain his rough-hewn, hard-hitting style. His songwriting draws from that deep well of sanctified intensity, always delivering true-to-life vignettes that will make you laugh out loud even as they make your hair stand on end. His blend of gospel, R&B, rock, blues, and country is called Americana these days, but it's a throwback to the early days of rock when all Southern music, black and white, infused the songwriting of working-class guys and gals looking for a way out of their poverty with nothing but a guitar and a compelling story to tell. Thorn brings to mind a Southern-born Springsteen with his gruff, forceful delivery, but he also has a deadly sense of humor that's peculiarly Southern."
~ www.allmusic.com

Big James and The Chicago Playboys: "The BIG Payback"
"After releasing four CDs under the Jamot banner, Chicago trombonist Big James Montgomery hooked up with Blind Pig to turn out Right Here, Right Now in 2009. For his sophomore Blind Pig effort, Montgomery and his producers have opted for a live set, recorded in Paris at Le Meridien Hotel’s Lionel Hampton Jazz Club in the fall of 2009."

"Big James and his mates have clearly established themselves among the masters of contemporary Chicago blues, as evidenced by the leader’s run of six Living Blues awards. This set captures them at their hard-hitting best and will be a must for their many fans"
~ www.livingblues.com / Jim DeKoster