Guitar Slim: "The Chronological Guitar Slim 1951 - 1954"

"No 1950s blues guitarist even came close to equaling the flamboyant Guitar Slim in the showmanship department. Armed with an estimated 350 feet of cord between his axe and his amp, Slim would confidently stride on-stage wearing a garishly hued suit of red, blue, or green, usually with his hair dyed to match! It's rare to find a blues guitarist hailing from Texas or Louisiana who doesn't cite Slim as one of his principal influences: Buddy Guy, Earl King, Guitar Shorty, Albert Collins, Chick Willis, and plenty more have enthusiastically testified to Slim's enduring sway. "
~ www.allmusic.com

Stan Webb and Chicken Shack: "Strange Situations"
Texten avser Stans fina soloalbum "Webb" som är inkluderat i denna samlingsCD
"The ex-Chicken Shack lead guitarist was still at it more than 30 years after his commercial peak, with this 2001 set representing his first studio album in some time. If Webb was American, it would be easy to imagine him getting picked up by a subsidiary of the Rounder label, such as Bullseye Blues or Blacktop. He's got that same skilled, bar-band blues-with-a-touch-of-rock vibe. He still plays well, but (as it happens, like many a Bullseye Blues and Blacktop artist), his vocals lag way behind his guitar skills. It's capably executed, moody urban blues for the most part, with some brass provided by the Third Coast Horns. This is a step ahead of many similar journeyman blues albums in that most of the material is original (written by Webb with second guitarist Fred James), and in that Webb's vocals, while not very powerful, are more affable than those of many such performers. "
~ www.allmusic.com