Michael Burks: "I Smell Smoke"

"A continuation of the sound established on his Alligator debut, I Smell Smoke is even more impressive than its much-heralded predecessor. While vocally Michael Burks still invites comparison to Albert King, especially on gospel-fried ballads like "Lie to Me" (the Flying V guitar he sports on this album's cover shot further reinforces the similarities between the two artists), his guitar work has become more electrified and confident. With a tone sounding at times like Eric Clapton's psychedelic work in Cream and a rugged four-piece band supporting him, this is a tough, uncompromising contemporary blues/blues-rock/R&B album that doesn't pull punches. "
~ www.allmusic.com

Chris Cain: "So Many Miles"
"Cain has a big loud voice that is full of charisma. His guitar playing is very clean with a tone that reminds me of B.B. King but with a style more along the lines of Larry Carlton, who plays on one song of this album. Cain’s phrasing is equal parts blues and jazz with an even portion of human soul and sweat. The crisp tone is so tight and has a perfect complement in second guitarist Robben Ford. This pairing is like having Michael Jordan and Scottie Pippen together. You can’t lose."
~ Kyle M. Palarino / www.bluesrevue.com