Info On Groups/Musicians Index:

I am trying to piece together a very personal index of groups from this era, relevant to my memories and to the scene I am trying to describe. I have used books, magazines, newspaper cuttings,  websites, album covers... (Many sources will be revealed below under "Links" and "Books"!) This info is then augmented with what I found in my dusty singles box and on my album shelves. The singles are quite simply those I got hold of during this era - and I have no ambition to list all singles issued. But I did like singles then - and so did my wallet...

Regarding the albums listed:
This is not too scientific, but
if I list all albums I know of by a certain artist/group (not repackagings and collections) I simply list them as "Albums".
If I only list the portion of albums issued that I find relevant to this era I list them as "Period Albums".
If I list "Period Albums" from the very first album issued I add "…from the beginning". OK?

Serial numbers are U.K. (perhaps some Swedish or U. S. numbers can appear, but this is not a scientific essay!). And the year of issue varies unfortunately, depending on what source I'm digging into…

So welcome to this index. I have only started working on it, so please come back.