Part 5: Gigs at The Lyceum in 1969:

Our highlights: Steamhammer, Brian Auger's Oblivion Express, The Family (my favourite album, "Family Entertainment", pictured below), Spooky Tooth.

All of them great and all of them more or less into psychedelia. Spooky Tooth was an impressive and creative two-keyboards-outfit. Their music went very well with the fluid oils... Not too common with two keyboards in those days. Guess I've gotta' put on the album "It's All About Spooky Tooth" (ISLAND ILPS 9080,  issued 1968) soon again. Never tire of "Love Really Changed Me" or "Sunshine Help Me". ("Sunshine..." was also recorded in a solid live version by The Move. Check it up! Originally issued on a live EP, but repackaged on collections.)

And in 1970:
Heavy Jelly, Mighty Baby, Quiver, Roy Young Band, Lord Sutch & Heavy Friends.

Quiver featured an outstanding guitarist named Tim Renwick. Who much later appeared as a valued sideman on Eric Clapton's live tours. A guitarist of melody and class.

Jeff Beck was rumoured to jam along Lord Sutch that evening. Beck didn't show up (sad, 'cause he's one of my true Heroes) but a leathervested American took his place and did a great job of it. Somebody said over the microphone that the guitarist was "ex-Vanilla Fudge". (Everybody was ex-Something in those days). Could it have been Vince Martell? Or perhaps the brilliant Jim McCarty from Cactus? Guilt by association. Never got the answer to that one.