This is of course neither complete, nor the absolute truth. It's simply my scribblings when reading guitar magazines.

I will leave this page 'as is'. Got no time for updates anymore. Apologies to all helpful readers!

Clapton's Gear:
Thanks to "Guitar Player" July '85 and March '93 plus "Best Of Guitar Player: Clapton", "Guitar World" Dec. '89 etcetera.
Or hey, when it comes to Eric's stuff: skip this table and check this website: The Eric Clapton FAQ! (NEW URL)
Guitars Amps Comments
Yardbirds Fender Telecaster
Gibson ES-335
Gretsch (+ Fender Jaguar, Jazzmaster, another Tele)
Vox AC-30
Mayall sunburst Gibson Les Paul with P.A.F. humbuckers "... the amp used in the Clapton/Mayall Bluesbreaker daze was a Model 1962 Marshall 45 watt combo now commonly referred to as the Bluesbreaker Combo, reissued by Marshall in the 1990s." Says helpful reader BlueLew. Thanks!
Cream '64 SG-shaped Gibson Les Paul
Psychedelic paint job by a team of Dutch artists known as "The Fool"

'62 block-inlay Gibson ES-335 at farewell show

The Mayall era Les Paul was stolen during rehearsal for Cream's first gig so Eric bought SG.
SG currently owned by Todd Rundgren.

2 x Marshall Super Lead 100 watt tops, each amp driving two vintage 4x12 cabinets housing 25-watt Celestions.
The Cream recorded with stacks in the studio
In '89 EC talks of his using 2 x Marshall 100-watt JTM 45 stacks with Cream.

COMMENTS, MAY 21 2000: "During the Cream era, Marshall did not make 100 watt JTM 45's, they were still 50 watt. It was for this reason that Eric stated in an interview that they moved up to the more powerful 1959 Plexi Lead heads, which were 100 watts. Thanks, Lopez."

"Hi! Clapton's Les Paul was stolen on their first tour of America early 1967. He didn't buy the SG, it was a gift from George Harrison, who had used it on Revolver, Paperback Writer and Rain. It was not a 1962 (those SG's still had Les Paul markings), it was a 1964. Clapton removed the lyre shaped tremelo after the paint job.
Clapton also used his Firebird 1 during his Cream days (see cover of "Cream Live" album).
He also used a 1958 Gibson Explorer on the "There's one in every crowd" tour.
Eric now plays Soldano amps exclusively!"
So says the signature S G Gibson: Thanks!!!
More SG stuff dd Febr. 24 2001. Many thanks!!!
Apparently Clapton's SG was really a 1964 SG Standard, given the type of vibrato on it and the number of screws on the pick guard. The '61 Les Paul had a scalloped shaped Vibrato cover, whereas the SG Standard had the Lyre cover. If you look at early pictures of Clapton playing the SG, it has the Lyre cover. Also, the '61 has 5 screws holding down the pick guard, whereas the '64 has 6.
From one CREAM fanatic to another, hope this was helpful.
"His SG is no longer owned by Rundgren - or it may be, but it is now in the hands of the Hard Rock Cafe. In Vegas now. It is in the same shape as when Guitar world had it." Tells reader Jim DeSimone on Aug. 24 2001. Thanks!
Beatle session
for the white album
We got mail!
"Hi there and greetings from the only, original land of Santa Claus: Finland!
About EC's gear. You didn't mention the very famous wine red Les Paul he used in "While My Guitar Gently Weeps". This guitar was pictured in some guitar mag during this (or was it -97) year. I have my doubts /that the guitar in the photo is that very guitar used by EC/ because I am pretty sure that the same LP was hanging on the wall of Hard Rock Cafe Stockholm and was mentioned to belong to Nick Kershaw. It had this very distinctive colour and tuning pegs which were not original.
Best regards
Ari Rytkönen, Finland"


"the red Les Paul that Clapton gave to Harrison was a 57 Gold Top refinned by Rick Derringer - who gave it to Clapton. It is in a new book coming out called Beatle Gear and is in this month's Guitar Player." Tells reader Jim DeSimone on Aug. 24 2001. Thanks!
Blind Faith Gibson ES-335 (above)
Gibson Firebird I

Fender Telecaster Custom with blonde Stratocaster neck
(Hyde Park concert)
2 x Marshall stacks
Delaney & Bonnie Gibson Les Paul Custom (black)

Brown sunburst Fender Stratocaster
Fender Dual Showman
Eric Clapton
solo album
Brown sunburst Fender Stratocaster

Derek and
the Dominos
Brown sunburst Fender Stratocaster

Black Fender Stratocaster
the legendary "Blackie": a mixture of three old Strats bought in Nashville '70 on a Dominos tour
Fender Showman on stage,
perhaps Marshalls

Tweed Champs on "Layla" sessions
brown Strat used on "Layla"

Blackie came later
Info on THE brown Strat:
"Clapton's Brownie was sold at auction to benefit Clapton's Crossroads Drug Rehabilitation Center In Antigua. It was purchased by Mike Malone Chairmen of AEI music in Seattle. Mike loaned it to Paul Allen for Clapton display at Seattle's Experience Music Project Museum."
Thanks to Jim Brown, Seattle
Eric Clapton I Blackie Music Man HD 130 Reverb and 150 Switched to Music Man in the 70's:
1st time using master-volume amp
which EC doesn't like!
Eric Clapton II '87 Fender Stratocaster E.C. Signature model
lace sensor pickups
Marshall 800 heads, 50 watt and 100 watt Went back to Marshalls in '85?

In '89 EC talks of his old tweed Fender Twin which is his number one amp in the studio
Stopping at this point in history - although I'm sure Eric still uses all sorts of goodies even today in this high tech era.

Beck's Gear:
Thanks to "Guitar World" March and May '85 and "Guitar Player" Nov. '85 etcetera.

Guitars Amps Comments
Yardbirds Fender Telecaster two Vox AC-30 amps The Telecaster was sold (?) to Jimmy Page who painted it "psychedelic".
'54 Fender Esquire with black scratch plate two Vox AC-30 amps The Esquire was bought by Beck from John Walker of The Walker Brothers.
Now owned by U.S. pickup guru Seymour Duncan
On the subject of Beck's Telecaster:
"Nice page! One possible correction - I believe Beck gave the Tele (which later became the Dragon tele) to Page in gratitude because Page had suggested to the Yardbirds that they take a look at Beck as Claptons replacement. So it was a gift rather than "sold".
So says Mike Rejsa ( on April 1, '99. Thanks, Mike!
On the subject of Beck's Esquire:
" Jeff Beck's Esquire, the one that he's holding on that Yardbirds album (Rave Up?, don't remember) is now owned by Seymour Duncan, the pickup guy. Vintage Guitar magazine did an extensive article about this guitar in late '92 or there abouts and it's history is discussed in great detail. During the first "Four Amigo Texas Guitar Shows" in California in the winter of 1993, Seymour Duncan came out to both Northern and Southern CA shows and had THE ESQUIRE in his boot as a sort of museum piece. I was fortunate enough to have a friend snap a picture of me holding the guitar next to Seymour who was holding the Yardbirds album (pointing to Mr Beck w/Esquire). Needless to say it was pretty exciting. Anyway, talk to Seymour Duncan online or send a message to Al Greenwood, editor of Vintage Guitar Magazine if you want to verify this information."
Larry Weissenborn
bassist, guitar historian, and Hawaiian guitars
May 22 '99. Thanks, Larry!
singles Gibson Les Paul Vox AC-30
"Truth" Fender Telecaster"Beck was using a Tele with a Danelectro neck bolted to it (scale works!) when touring with the Truth era Jeff Beck Group. I had a photo of him playing it with Rod Stewart at some point but can't recall where it is now." Tells reader Jim DeSimone on Aug. 24 2001. Thanks!
Gibson Les Paul Vox AC-30 in the studio says the books
but Marshall stacks for tours says reader Dave Corbin

"Beck-Ola" 60's-vintage rosewood board Fender Stratocaster 2 Marshall Super Lead 100 watt tops + cabinets
An interesting mail of Febr. 23 2001. Thanks a lot!
jeff beck's "oxblood les paul" originally a stock 54 les paul goldtop,a gent wanted to purchase it from strings and things in memphis tenn. but wanted some changes,he wanted it refinished in oxblood and gibson humbuckers installed....the sale fell sat in the store until jeff on tour in america,stopped by and purchased was later to be imortalized on the cover of blow by remains in the collection of mr.beck.............greg wilson owner BIG WILLY STYLE GUITAR REPAIR...sault ste. marie ontario canada

During periods far away from the blues, Jeff Beck has used everything from Gibson Les Pauls, a pink Jackson Soloist (autographed by Tina Turner with an icepick) and a Gretsch Duo-Jet for rockabilly outings.