Part 9:
Not only clubs, but also big grimy redbrick buildings could be the goal of our avid travelling:

University College, May 16 1970:
Writing on the Wall and Matthews Southern Comfort.
The former band was good, ambitious, dark and heavy. Tough scotsmen. When I came home to Sweden I imported their "The Power of the Picts" album on the Middle Earth label, MDLS 303 (1969). Still like it. And how can you dislike a band with a heavy song called "Mrs. Cooper's Pie"?

Queen Elizabeth Hall, "Festival of Progressive Music":
Matthews' band was more in my sister's bag. But Ian Matthews IS good and had I seen them today I'm sure I would have raved about it.
May 22 1970: Al Stewart, Michael Chapman and Fotheringay with Sandy Denny.
My sister's bag - I went to the Marquee and checked out Linda Hoyle with Affinity.

May 23 1970: Jon Hiseman's Colosseum.
Good jazz-rock. A bit awkward at times (I wasn't as highbrow as I thought...) but Hiseman is one tough customer and he always had a good guitarist along.

May 25 1970: Mighty Baby and Deep Purple.
The time of "D.P. In Rock". Smokebombs, leather pants et al. Ian Gillan introduced a song as a thoughtful comment on society, implored us to "listen to the words" and then went at it like a banshee possessed, the total impact of him & the band hitting you at gale's force. Sorry Ian, I couldn't listen to the words. And I suspect that the young lady who ripped off her blouse and ran across the smoke filled stage was paid to do it... I'm a bit of a cynic, sometimes.

Finsbury Park Astoria, June 22 1969: The Beach Boys!

Perhaps the tapes used for the "Live In London" album issued 1970? It was a great concert in every aspect (remember my surfing leanings!) but didn't relate much to the local scene...