Part 3: Going To London!:

In the summers of '69 and '70 I made two trips to London with my big sister Agneta. She looked for places of medieval historical interest - I followed armed with a camera. But her interest in music was just as fervent as mine. We both roamed the book and record shops by day and went hunting for live music by night. These were the years of psychedelia: long solos and liquid oil projections on the stage; long hair, crushed velvet pants and three-button-vests in the audience.
The Marquee, Lyceum's Midnight Court ... You could catch a couple of bands at the Marquee and then, by midnight, start queuing in front of The Lyceum Ballroom in the Strand for the "Midnight Court"!

My sister had leanings to the folksy side of the scene, like Al Stewart and Fotheringay with Sandy Denny. I was a shade more into blues and guitar heroes. But we loved it all and we lapped it all up. Cheap hotels and skimpy lunches: everything was spent on tickets, records and books - and my sisters beautiful vest with a deer on the back, and my own bluegreen velvet pants. Those were the days... Did you ever warm a cold pork pie on the radiator of a sordid hotel room? It makes a Wimpy Bar look like Planet Hollywood.