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Totta's Bluesband (Records)

Singles 'n' Albums:

Totta's Bluesband:

"Totta's Bluesband. Live at Renströmska" (NACKSVING 031-40) LP 1981

"Ain't Your Business"/"Too Late" (NACKSVING TR45-22) single spring 1983 (review JEF 60:74)

"Saturday Night Boogie Woogie" (NACKSVING TR 031-50) LP Nov. 1983 (review JEF 62:56)

"Just Like I Treat You"/"Blues Is Here To Stay" (NACKSVING TR 45-24) single summer 1984 (review JEF 65:67)

"Combination Boogie" (TRANSMISSION TR 031-58) LP March 1985

"Totta's Bluesband" 5 track mini-LP studio Gbg 1983 + 1986, studio New York 1984 plus live from 'ANC-galan' Göteborg 1985 (TRANSMISSION TR 45-33) MLP May 1986

"Compilation Boogie" (PUBLIC ROAD REC PR 188) LP May 1988

"Goin' Back To Memphis" (SELECT) Just like I treat you, Saturday nights boogie woogie man, One way out, She turns me on etc. Budget sampler on SELECT Records. This title and another budget sampler, "Compilation Boogie" appear to be the only stuff still available in 1999 (2000?)

"Sittin' On Top Of The World" (MNW CD 2008) CD March 2003. Collection of 20 tracks + history booklet signed Håkan Lahger


Totta & Hot'n'tots:

"Totta & Hot'n'tots featuring Spencer Bohren"(PUBLIC ROAD REC PR 989) LP Nov. 89

with Tomas Forsell:
vocalist/guitarist and founding member of Nynningen, recorded album "Nya Tider" (i.e. "New Times") in 1979 with the help of a.o. Totta Näslund, Bernt Andersson, Nikke Ström and Niels Nordin. Bengt Blomgren involved as one of the two engineers. Album was released on vinyl in 1980. And is re-released in 2006 on CD. Check it out! Great vocals, great guitar etc. All info here:



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