Bob Pearce:

Impressive Southampton vocalist/harpist/guitarist who issued his first record in 1968: the EP "Blues Crusade" on Avenue Artists BEV LP1054/5 . More have followed. Bob Pearce has also accompanied several visiting American artists and has obviously gained a very high reputation in the trade.
Writes his own material and sings it convincingly.
A London gig in August '98 at "The Favourite" made this web page's editor into an instant admirer. Bob's soulful voice and ditto guitarplaying made me go a-hunting for his "Keep On Keepin' On" CD, finding it, and immediately falling for "I Wanna Take Care Of You" and the title cut. Recommended!
We got an e-mail update from Bob on May 21 2007:
"Christmas 2003 I played my last date before 'retiring until further notice'.....
Summer 2005 went into studio to cut first album in seven years - "Unchained" which can be downloaded free from
Late 2006 played a couple of unannounced dates.
Now have a few dates in the book, plus a new session ready to be mixed."
The "Keep On Keepin' On" CD features his 'tour band' of '92:
Bob Pearce: vocals, guitar, harmonica
Ed Deane: guitar and slide guitar
Pete Plascott: bass (of the Blue Sunday Band of Southampton)
Alan Savage: drums

Bob Pearce's tour band of the late 90's is the eminent Southampton blues trio BLUES etc.

Recent albums:
"Hey! Hey! The Blues Is Alright" Blue Horizon BLUHO12 (1991)
"Keep On Keepin' On" Tramp TRCD 9913 (NL) (1992)
"Doin' Alright Again" Blues Room SBW11-BO cassette (1995)
"Southern Style Homecooked Blues" Havic HIR CD 7001 (US) (1997)
with BLUES etc.: "Why Am I Hollerin'?" FUZZY PIG FPCD 005 (1999)


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